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Trev Wilkinson is a legend in the guitar world for his innovative and faultless guitar hardware and pickups, which deliver stellar tonality. His progressive approach to building guitars, and his unerring ability to think outside of every design box, is now presented in Fret-King FX pedals – his first foray into the world of stompboxes. With the emphasis set firmly on tone, Trev has instilled his true boutique ethos into these pedals. Each effect has been comprehensively researched and benchmarked against an enviable collection of highly collectible original vintage pedals and devices. Meticulously and authentically voiced, Fret-King FX Pedals deliver tones you’ll recognise straight out of the box.

Choose the pedals you want, plug in, flick the switch, and experience the way your music was always meant to sound. Add to this the usual Fret-King standards – rugged, durable die-cast aluminium casing, true bypass technology, classy design, and dual paired inputs where necessary – and you have pedals that will take your playing to new levels, define your sound, and fill stadiums. Fret-King pedals – treat your tone.


 Gear Competition 29

Gear Magazine

A truly incredible prize! We are privilaged to be able to offer this amazing guitar designed by Trev Wilkinson. Not only a beautiful instrument made to the highest quality, the stunning Fret-King® Super-matic features the unbelievable self-tuning bridge. At the press of a button and a strum of the strings the Super-matic changes the guitars tuning effortlessly and more importantly accurately. Go from standard E tuning to DADGAD in seconds ~ you will never need another guitar!

Gear magazine are giving away this super prize in their crossword competition. Grab yourself a copy from all good music retailers, also watch out for Gear magazine in Guitarist,
Total Guitar, Guitar Techniques and Sound on Sound magazines... If you cant wait, CLICK HERE to download a copy...Good Luck!


        Elliott Randall and Fret-King

Elliott Randall

In an illustrious career encompassing a wide and varied cross- section of the music industry including production, composition, electronic research and development,       lectures, teaching, and of course, a legendary contribution to popular guitar performance and recording, Elliott Randall has also entered the rock history annals with his guitar solos on Steely Dan's "Reelin' In The Years" and "Fame" (the motion picture).

         I am totally delighted with this instrument," (Fret-King Black Label Elise) says Elliott, "It looks, feels and sounds great. The Vari-coil provides a wide range of variations on a
         tonal theme." In fact so delighted with his new guitar Elliott also got himself a Country Squire Semitone Special in Ash Green. “I was looking for something that could give
         me that  classic ‘twang,’"   he said “and this Semitone Special is it! It plays beautifully - right out of the box; and did I mention that it looks gorgeous?”  



Dave with fret-king

Dave Hawkins from the band 'British lion' (The first side project for the legendary metal bassist and Iron Maiden founder member Steve Harris) was looking for a rock solid guitar that could take anything thrown at it, and yet still looked cool onstage. It was a chance encounter at Lister Guitars in Lowestoft where the owner Pete introduced Dave to the Fret-King guitar range, and in particular the FKV75HBK Black Label Esprit V. “It just felt right straight away” says Dave “and I just knew I had to get my hands on a couple. 


latest issue

The Manic Street Preachers James Dean Bradfield plays his favourite Fret-King® Ventura 

on BBC 'Later with Jools Holland'

Fret-King Walter Trout Benefit Guitar

A Fret-King Danny Bryant signature model guitar, signed by many great guitar players has raised £1,300 in a benefit raffle to help Walter Trout in his yearlong and successful recovery from a recent Liver Transplant.
Through a 25 year long solo career Walter has sought to merge the essence of the blues with relevance for the times we live in. Before his solo career, he played lead guitar for John Mayall, Canned Heat, John Lee Hooker, and many others.
Donated by JHS & Co. Ltd, the Fret-King Black Label Danny Bryant signature model was selected as Danny is actually standing in for Walter in his 'Walter Trout Band' currently touring the USA and Canada.
Danny and his wife Kirby also took the guitar to the recent O2 benefit gig to be signed by the artists appearing before going to Glasgow and lastly to the ‘True Blues Club’.
The raffle, organised by Walter’s friend Brian Filson took place at ‘True Blues Club’ of Newton-le-willows where Graham Woodhouse and Steve O’Donnell put on an a 'Walter Trout Benefit Show’ who’s fund raising efforts on the evening have made such a difference.
When Walter heard the news he asked us to send the following message "I am so moved and thankful for the raffle of this beautiful guitar to benefit my medical fund. Thank you to all the people who participated in the drawing, to those who signed it, to JHS & Co. Ltd. for donating the guitar, and to Danny and Kirby for setting it up."
The highly delighted winner, Jimmy Nicoll from London, was presented with the guitar in the Fret-King Lounge at Ivor Mairants Musicentre in London. Jimmy said “I'm really chuffed to win this guitar! It looks really cool and I’d also like to wish Walter Trout all the best and a speedy recovery."
Besides Trev Wilkinson, the creator of Fret-King, the guitar was signed by: Jon Trout (Walter’s son), Danny Bryant, Elliot Randall, John Verity, Gordon Giltrap, Graham Oliver, Matt Smith, Bernie Marsden, Roger Chapman, Mud Morganfield, Otis Grand, Alan Glen, Del Broham, Andrew Elt, Mitch Laddie, Laurence Jones, Ian Parker, Marcus Malone, Stephan Dale Petit, Paul Cox, John O’Leary, Matt Bullard, Tim Pen, Karl Randall, Alan Thomson, Jim Keilt, Fraser Speirs, Mike Hellier, Eric Razoni, Charlotte Marshall, John Lindsey, Ronnie Boysen, West Weston, Calum Ingram, Kenny Robertson, Al Fleming, Tim Clarke and Dave Sutton.

Fret-King Walter Trout Benefit   James Nicholl

Joe Elliott's Down 'N' Outz latest release ~ 'Rock and Roll Queen' featuring Fret-King endorser Paul Guerin and the Esprit III

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  • Black Label

    A revolution in the world of affordable, professional level instruments, the Black Label range is full of guitars with flair and creative innovations that give you an amazing, tactile and emotional guitar playing experience.

  • Green Label

    Hand-built in extremely limited numbers in Trev Wilkinson's workshop in Southport, England, to painstaking, faultless standards of perfection, Green Label epitomises the excellence of world-class guitar building.

  • STVDIO Series

    Beyond even the excellence of Green Label, STVDIO shows what can be done when the creative process – and Trev's imagination! – are allowed to break free of the bounds of conformity. Expect the unexpected...

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