The Black Label Basses Range

Black Label Basses

Fret-King® Black Label Basses are imbued with 21st century craftsmanship and thoughtful evolutionary features, presenting the player with a platform for uninhibited musical expression.

Compromise is eliminated, playability is enhanced, musicality is embedded, flexibility is to the forefront

Both the Perception and Esprit models facilitate any number of playing styles, with a wide range of voices and tonal variations available from each instrument.

For the player who demands an instrument capable of handling a multitude of musical scenarios, both live and in the studio, the Fret-King Black Label Bass series present the new paradigm.

Perception; a name synonymous with benchmark bass quality. The all new Black Label Perception four and five string basses have those Fret-King bass hallmarks; unshakeable journeyman bass player feel, perfect balance, high access necks, comfort-contoured body and distinctive, instantly recognisable, rock solid tone.

Esprit, a truly unique, evocative asymmetric style, clearly at home in the rock genre, with the unique and exclusive WJM tapped double coil bass pickup which delivers outstanding tonal possibilities, punch, clarity and power beyond power.

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  • Black Label

    A revolution in the world of affordable, professional level instruments, the Black Label range is full of guitars with flair and creative innovations that give you an amazing, tactile and emotional guitar playing experience.

  • Green Label

    Hand-built in extremely limited numbers in Trev Wilkinson's workshop in Southport, England, to painstaking, faultless standards of perfection, Green Label epitomises the excellence of world-class guitar building.

  • STVDIO Series

    Beyond even the excellence of Green Label, STVDIO shows what can be done when the creative process – and Trev's imagination! – are allowed to break free of the bounds of conformity. Expect the unexpected...

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