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Black Label™

At Fret-King® we have a saying... “Knowledge is Power.”

What does this mean?

Decades of listening to guitar players’ needs has taught us that while we have some great ideas, it is your goals which must be ours too!

We use our knowledge positively; we have a determination to produce guitars with flair, and creative innovations that give you an amazing, tactile and emotional guitar playing experience. Our love for what we do means that we create with a passion.

Decades of guitar building expertise and unrivalled guitar hardware and pickup know-how mean that we can go where other guitar makers don’t, using innovative, meticulous construction methods and premium materials and components throughout the whole Black Label building and finishing process.

We embrace obsession, follow our hearts, not our heads, and revel in detail to make Fret-King guitars stand apart, consistently outclass the established benchmarks, yet be comfortable, friendly and familiar.

Our vision is to inspire you and our passion for thinking outside the usual constraints, while keeping a close eye on the styling cues we are all comfortable with, and the classic tones we all enjoy produces guitars you’ll feel you’ve played all your life.

There are standards to be acknowledged, surpassed and improved upon. Fret-King meets these three tasks head on.

Because you deserve the best, with no compromise, Fret-King Black Label™ takes a fresh view of how to build in real custom shop high end features, the benefits they bring, and the advantages you get from instruments designed to be professional working tools.

Country Squire, a magical fusion of the familiar, with contemporary, yet subtle dynamic improvements, and tone circuitry which takes this familiar body style into new territory while sticking like glue to its heart and soul.

Corona, a ‘moniker’ associated with high end, UK-built Fret-King guitars for two decades, recognises the roots of the double cut, as refined by Fret-King, blending masterbuilt qualities, classic and contemporary tone, great feel, and of course, that Wilkinson trademark, a vibrato with unrivalled return to pitch whether you play like your guitar is in the shadows or covered in criss-cross black tape.

Eclat faces up squarely to the acknowledged benchmark. With peerless classic looks, enhanced ergonomics and its sophisticated tonal palette, the Eclat is many guitars rolled in to one.

Elise, a body style debuting with the new Fret-King Black Label, nods towards a guitar heritage that spans all musical styles. The Elise features a chambered mahogany body, solid maple cap, and Fret-King’s signature ‘Vari-Coil’™ tone circuitry a for breath-taking breadth of tone.

Esprit, a truly unique, evocative asymmetric style, clearly at home in the rock genre, with three pickup configurations to choose from, each one of which delivers outstanding tonal possibilities, punch, clarity and power beyond power.

Fret-King Black Label; moving forward in the footsteps of history.


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  • Black Label

    A revolution in the world of affordable, professional level instruments, the Black Label range is full of guitars with flair and creative innovations that give you an amazing, tactile and emotional guitar playing experience.

  • Green Label

    Hand-built in extremely limited numbers in Trev Wilkinson's workshop in Southport, England, to painstaking, faultless standards of perfection, Green Label epitomises the excellence of world-class guitar building.

  • STVDIO Series

    Beyond even the excellence of Green Label, STVDIO shows what can be done when the creative process – and Trev's imagination! – are allowed to break free of the bounds of conformity. Expect the unexpected...

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