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Legacy Products

The instruments in the Legacy Products section stand as a proud testament to the first chapters in the Fret-King story. Innovation was, and always will be, a defining characteristic in Fret-King's ethos. From the very beginning, the remit was clear; to create a collection of instruments that retained a sense familiarity, whilst unabashedly challenging the status quo which had prevented electric guitar design from progressing.

Each model in the Black Label, Blue Label, Green Label, STVDIO and Atelier Series sought to develop and evolve the concept of excellence for the three most important facets of the instrument; playability, functionality and tone.

The inherent shortcomings of the electric guitar were addressed, and by process of lateral thinking and design ingenuity, either improved upon or removed entirely. Special attention was paid to each instrument's ability to excel in a number of different musical settings; a Fret-King guitar could be many things, but it could neither be seen, nor heard, to be one-dimensional. As a result, the use of bold new pickup combinations and unique wiring configurations allowed each model to cover a huge expanse of musical territory. Cosmetic appearances were not ignored, of course, and Fret-King’s choice of less common colourways and hardware ensured that a Fret-King guitar’s appearance, like its tonal qualities, marked it out from the competition. A number of new instruments made their way to the marketplace, and from the Corona and the Country Squire, to the Ventura and the Esprit, each distinct model confirmed Fret-King's burgeoning reputation as the essential brand for both lovers of traditional guitar sounds and those questing to tackle new sonic and visual frontiers.

These legacy products are presently unavailable from Fret-King, but are by no means retired. Thousands of examples are out there in the hands of players who love their Fret-Kings and use them every day in an almost unimaginable range of music.

The prices on this page indicate the UK recommended retail price including VAT for each instrument during its time of release and are not a representation of their current pre-owned market value.

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  • Black Label

    A revolution in the world of affordable, professional level instruments, the Black Label range is full of guitars with flair and creative innovations that give you an amazing, tactile and emotional guitar playing experience.

  • Green Label

    Hand-built in extremely limited numbers in Trev Wilkinson's workshop in Southport, England, to painstaking, faultless standards of perfection, Green Label epitomises the excellence of world-class guitar building.

  • STVDIO Series

    Beyond even the excellence of Green Label, STVDIO shows what can be done when the creative process – and Trev's imagination! – are allowed to break free of the bounds of conformity. Expect the unexpected...

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