Privacy Policy


At Fret-King we believe that, as our online visitor, you have a right to know our practices regarding the information we collect when you visit our web site and what type of information is collected. The guidelines contained herein only apply to your visits to

Other sites which are linked to/from this site (including other Fret-King affiliates including our transaction facilitator Shopatron) may have different policies; therefore, please review the privacy policy notices on those sites for details.

While Fret-King does not generally require that you provide us with personally identifiable information in order to visit and use the site, please note that in order to participate in some activities, such as having a user account created, it will be necessary for you to provide the information required. If you choose not to provide it for those activities, you may not be able to participate in certain activities.

Collection of Information: Cookies/Personal

For each visitor to a Fret-King Web site, Fret-King web server automatically recognizes and stores information such as the visitor's IP address/Domain name combination. We use this information to understand visitor traffic patterns through our sites for purposes such as enhancing its usability. Your computer provides this information automatically each time you log on, unless you've activated blocking technology available in some browsers.

Additionally, Fret-King may ask you to provide "personal information", meaning individually identifiable information that you provide on our Web sites such as your email address, name, mailing address, telephone number, credit card number, or persistent identifier (such as a customer number held in a cookie) which is associated with individually identifiable information, to enable you to participate in competitions, chat rooms, on bulletin boards, to fill out a registration, or to order products and services using these sites. Fret-King may combine the information you provide on our website with other information we may collect from you or from third parties so that we can more effectively tailor our site, services and offerings to you. If you provide Fret-King with personal information, you shall have the right, on reasonable prior notice, to inspect, change, amend or delete such information. Instructions on how to update personal information will be given at the point of data collection.

Unless you instruct us otherwise, Fret-King may contact you to provide information about products, services, promotions, competitions, or other activities or offerings that may be of interest to you. You can instruct us if you do not want to be contacted by indicating your preference in writing (letter or email). In addition, with each communication you receive from Fret-King, you will be given the opportunity to indicate if you do not wish to receive future communications by ticking the relevant box and submitting your request.

Unless it is for the purposes you have requested or originally agreed, Fret-King will not share the personal information you provide on the Fret-King website with any other parties, except (a) with your consent, (b) as may be permitted or required by law or court order and/or (c) to persons or companies with whom Fret-King contracts to carry out, transactions, supply of goods, the internal operations of the site or our business.

Additionally and with your consent, Fret-King may share your personal information with other affiliated Fret-King companies who may want to contact you about products, services or other offerings that may be of interest to you. Further, only with your consent, Fret-King may share your personal information with specific third parties outside of Fret-King who may want to contact you about products, services or other offerings that may be of interest to you. Please consult the respective privacy policies of each of these companies for further clarification as to their own privacy policy. Fret-King will seek to obtain your consent at the place where the information is collected either by an "opt-out" or "opt-in" method, or by other means (such as an email request). If you consent to receiving communications from any of these affiliated Fret-King companies, or third parties, you will need to communicate with them directly if you later decide that you no longer wish to receive their communications. Until we advise you, except as indicated above for the initial decision made with your consent to share your personal information with Fret-King affiliates and/or specific third parties outside of Fret-King changes or amendments to your personal information must be given both to Fret-King and to each such Fret-King affiliate or other company directly as these changes, amendments and/or deletions will not be exchanged among Fret-King and other Fret-King affiliates or third parties.


While Fret-King cannot guarantee that unauthorized access will never occur, rest assured that Fret-King takes great care in maintaining the security of your personal information and in preventing unauthorized access to it through the use of appropriate technology and internal procedures.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The terms of this policy will govern the use and any information collected while it is in place. Fret-King reserve the right to change this policy at any time, so please re-visit this page as often as you wish. Changes to this privacy policy are effective at the time they are posted to this site.

Legal force of the disclaimer

This disclaimer is a part of the internet publication. If sections or parts of the text should be incorrect, the content and validity of the other parts remain, uninfluenced by this fact.

Data Protection

All data used and transmitted via Fret-King is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 - an Act to make new provision for the regulation of the processing of information relating to individuals, including the obtaining, holding, use or disclosure of such information.