Elise Custom

The Fret-King® Elise™ is one of our most elegant styles. Ergonomic, classic lines, familiar, yet forward looking.

The thin-line semi acoustic guitar is one of the great workhorses of the electric player’s arsenal. The Fret-King Elise Custom is the latest in a long line of Elise variants. With its offset, chambered mahogany body, carved, tuned maple cap, the Elise is light, strong, and resonant. Easy to wear and fast and fluid to play, it’s loaded with a pair of Trev’s most iconic pickup designs, the Fret-King Fifty-Five™, a first-generation pickup masterpiece. The Elise just oozes class and with the Varicoil™, and master tone with push/push phase reversal, has the inherent versatility to adapt itself to the warm, mellow horn like lead lines of the thirties, or supernatural sounds from the sixties, straight-ahead full-bore rock, and even tilt its hat at classic country tone.


The two-piece centre jointed, chambered semi-acoustic premium mahogany body features a tuned, violin carved maple cap, mahogany extended tenon neck joint, and premium mahogany neck, which all couple outstandingly well to create an airy lightness and ensure the strength and constructional integrity which provides the platform for the singing tone, blooming sustain and classic, authentic tonalities of the Elise Custom.

The unique reduced profile neck joint and subtly extended cutaway offers enhanced upper fret access, and the superb overall balance makes the Elise Custom a pleasure to wear.


The raked signature Fret-King headstock ensures correct string tension, perfect balance, classic looks, and great visual appeal.

Wilkinson® WJ04 machine heads provide quick, accurate, stable tuning.

A 43mm Graph Tech® self-lubricating nut is smooth and friction free.


Gloss finished, body colour neck constructed from premium mahogany with classic ‘soft C’ profile for instant comfort, speed, accuracy, and a luxurious 'played in' feel.

Premium Indian Rosewood fingerboard for durability and outstanding tonal transfer, with a 10” radius for a super comfortable, responsive, positive playing feel.

Scale Length:
25.5" / 648mm.

22 Medium profile hi-durability nickel silver frets ensure accuracy, comfort, and an overall feel.


A carefully curated set of Fret-King pickups enables the Elise Custom to deliver phenomenal versatility.

The custom designed Fret-King Fifty-Five™ double coil pickups, created by Trev Wilkinson using a truly authentic recipe, give the Elise Custom the inherent character and tonal versatility its semi-acoustic style suggests, whilst hinting at there being many other different personas waiting to burst forth.

Those other personas manifest themselves from within an almost impossibly broad tonal palette. The Elise Custom features a three-way selector switch, master volume, master tone control with latching push/push out of phase switch, and Fret-King’s unique Varicoil™ control which progressively winds the Fifty-Five™ pickups from full throated ‘powertone’, to sparkling single coil settings. The extraordinary range of tones this arrangement gives underscores the Fret-King ‘Versatility’ philosophy and makes the Elise Custom, a true journeyman player’s guitar.

Control Functions

• Three-way toggle selects neck, both, or bridge pickup.

• Master Volume.

• Master Tone with Push-Push Out of Phase Switch.

• Varicoil™ rolls either or both pickups progressively from double coil to single coil.


Enhancing the Eclat Custom's tonality is a direct mounted T.O.M. style bridge and stop tailpiece, which anchors the bridge solidly to the body ensuring the all important transfer of maximum string energy to the body and pickups.


The included Fret-King Luxury Carry Bag is elegant and bespoke to each body shape. Heavily padded, with zipped external storage space and accessory pockets to keep damaging objects away from your guitar. The elements and travails of life are shrugged off by the hi-denier, water resistant rip stop fabric, and heavy duty zipped closure. On the move, you’ll find an integral luggage hanger for easy storage and twin padded ergonomically designed shoulder straps for easy portability.n.

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Elise Custom Demonstration by Ben Smith