Fret-King Artists

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Fret-King Perception Bass
Trevor Newnham

The Illegal Eagles – UK
“I’ve been playing Fret-King Perception basses for over a decade and this new version really is something else. I have limitless tone options at the twist of a pot and the balance/feel of the instrument means it truly is a joy to play in any musical setting. It’s true what they say. Perception is everything!”

Fret King Elise
Oliver Sean

Oliver Sean Band – UK
"One of the most verstile guitars I have played. I am a "heavy hitter" on stage, and I was amazed that I didn't break a single string during my 21 day intense tour of America with the Oliver Sean Band."

Fret-King Esprit V
Anthony Cauvin

"Sounds as awesome as it looks !! And it looks fretking amazing !"

Eclat, Country Squire, Corona, Esprit
Dan Coates

Black Whiskey - Australia

"I have been using my Fret-King guitars extensively for both live shows and studio work. The tone constantly amazes me, and the build quality can withstand the rigors of the road. They easily stand their ground against other guitars at many times the cost, and a provide a modern twist with some vintage vibes!"

Fret-King Corona 60 / Eclat 'DBC'
Andreas Schmid-Martelle

Solo artist / producer/ composer - Germany

"My Corona 60 is an outstanding custom shop guitar that lets me do all the SRV related stuff, while the Eclat DBC is a total Rock and Roll monster."

Fret-King Country Squire Semitone De LUxe
Paul Rose

Paul Rose Band and the Band of Friends - UK
"Great looking, great playing, great sounding. At a great price."

STVDIO Series Ventura 60 one-off Eclat, Super-Matic
Mick Radford

Recording Artist/Actor - USA

"Simply put, my Fret-King guitars are a synergy of substance and form. The design and tone are unique yet familiar and comfortable. Each of my Fret-Kings has its own personality but they can play nice together...LOL."

Fret-King Elise 'GG' Gordon Giltrap
Lee J Hodgson

Lee J - UK

"Great tones and superior playability."

Fret-King Elise
Teddy Kumpel

Nome Sane? / Joe Jackson - USA
"The Elise is a unique, fantastic sounding, great looking, comfortable playing, versatile instrument. I love it!"

Fret-King Corona / Esprit
Cyan Tempest

Salt River Shakedown (Band) & Cyan Tempest (Solo Project) - UK

"I fell in love with Fret King Guitars as soon as I played an Esprit for the first time, I find that the tonal versatility is greater than any other guitars I have played and as a music producer I cannot stress enough how important that is for me! Anything from funky single coil tones to full on heavy riffing is just made so simple on a Fret King."

Fret-King 'JD'
Andy Basiola

Kill The Kid/ Indya - UK
"My Fret-King JD is without doubt one of the most versatile guitars I have ever played. The tone and playability is just superb, a reliable instrument, both live and in the studio."

Country Squire Semitone Special aka "Greenie" and Country Squire Semitone Special in Blueburst
Ash Gupta

KoolVibration and Ridims of Africa - UK
"Simply the most versatile, best sounding and playing instrument I have ever played."

Fret-King Esprit
Roy Fulton

Roy Fulton - France
"Looks great, plays great and sounds great. That’s it… sorted !!!"

Fret-King Elise / Corona 'GW'
Miller Anderson

Millar Anderson Band - UK
"Great sounding reliable guitars!"

Country Squire Matt-Matic / Esprit
Matt Smith

Matt Smith’s World, Chop Shop - USA
"Fret-King guitars offer the playability and versatility to inspire!"

Fret-King Corona, Country Squire JD
P J Wright

TradArrr, Sandy Denny Project - UK
"My Corona sounds str*ttier than Str*ts and stays in tune, even with drastic usage of the 'worry stick'...great balance, cool looks and a better class of machine head. The variable Soapstack bridge pickup control is a powerful addition."

Fret-King Black Label Corona / Eclat
Andrew Pipe

The Mentulls - UK

"As a long time Fret-King artist, my FK guitars have been everywhere with me, from theatres to festivals, hotel rooms to rehearsal rooms & countless recording sessions. True tools of the trade, these guitars are consistently great in any situation and hold there own against any other guitar."

Fret King Elise / 'JJ' John Jorgenson / 'JD' Jerry Donahue
Joe Weinberg

Joe Weinberg - USA
"Fantastic guitars with tremendous tone!"

Fret-King Perception 4 & 5 strings, Ventura & Esprit Basses
Jamie Mallender

Graham Oliver’s Army - UK
"Fret-Kings are a real “players” instrument. Uncompromisingly fusing the best of tradition and innovation."

Fret-King Country Squire Fluence
Fred Mollin

Artist, Record Producer and more - USA
"I love this guitar!"

Fret-King Green Label Corona
David Ireland

The Autumn Saints - Ireland
"It's the best sounding guitar I have - it's my number one!"